Terrell Owens NFL Football hall of fame

There’s T.O. and there’s Terrell. SET got to hear from Terrell and he admits with lots of experience and maturity he’s coming from his heart.

Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining players in the history of the NFL and arguable one of the best receivers in the league, Terrell Owens opens up and shares insight in his life off the field. We get up close and personal with T.O. to discuss his new outlook on love, the hall of fame and life after football. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy as we get the tea on all things T.O.

If you’ve followed Terrell’s life on and off the field you’d know he’s an open book.  He admits, despite him being an open book, he is “hard to read,” which seems to be true when you think about all the past media coverage on Terrell Owens. From the outside looking in, there were moments throughout his career that made many of us question his thought process. But Terrell assured us, he’s much different than how he was portrayed in the media. He prides himself on the way his grandmother raised him.  Raised primarily by his grandmother, she reinforced the importance of always being truthful, and to this day T.O. prides himself on the notion that “It can never be said that he lied or didn’t tell the truth”. He admits, initially, he didn’t know the politics of football so when he was asked a question he gave an answer based on what was asked. He quickly learned the power of the media.  “It gives someone with a strong mind and will like myself a chance to defend yourself. It is not one-sided.” T.O. says confidently.

If you’re anything like us and caught any of the episodes of the T.O. show, you know all about Terrell’s quest for love. So of course we just had to get the skinny on his relationship situation…

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