Oftentimes we take off our stillettos for a great pair of sneakers.  Fashionable ladies can rock the latest trends with the most coveted sneaker. The coveted shoe I’m referring to is the Air Jordan. The Air Jordan is and has been one of those shoes that when you see a woman wear it with just the right look she’s undoubtedly making a statement.  While we may not stand in long lines to grab a pair, if gifted some we will pull a look together effortlessly, please believe.

Today Brand Jordan revealed the latest design in the dynasty.

Take a look:

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Jimmy Butler gave us a teaser when he wore the “Olympic” colored set to USA Men’s Basketball Team’s practice and media day.

The Air Jordan XXXI was inspired by the Air Jordan I and has a “banned” colorway or design as a tribute to the fact that the shoe was banned by the NBA due to the black and red color when Michael Jordan attempted to wear the first pair. Commissioner David Stern didn’t feel the shoes had enough white on them. Michael Jordan wore his shoes anyway and was fined each time that he stepped on the court with them on.

After selling for the last thirty one years those fines that Michael Jordan got for wearing his own shoe in 1985 couldn’t possibly be relevant. The Air Jordan XXXI goes on sale September 3.

What are your thoughts about the newest look?  Will you be buying a pair?


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