Brandon Marshall is very vocal about Mental Health Awareness especially after being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and starting Project 375 Project Prevent.  Brandon knows all too well the effects of mental health on daily functioning and peak performance on the field so it was fitting for the New York Jets wide receiver and company Lucid to partner on an app that provides mental training for athletes.  The app will improve the mental health of New York City’s high school football players.

The app will allow New York City’s Public Schools Athletic League to benefit from confidence building, focus and meditation exercises. Brandon Marshall and Lucid are giving the players a season-long subscriptions that will also provide the young men with advice as well.

According to Sport Techie online Brandon said in a statement, “We believe technology driven support through Lucid is an accessible, affordable and educational application that will be extremely beneficial to students,” as he made an appearance at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School.

“I’m so happy that I can share this platform with the world because I see the benefits every day. We must strengthen our mind the same way we do our body and help youth proactively take charge of their own mental fitness.”

“Lucid is excited to partner with Brandon Marshall, The New York Jets, and the Public Schools Athletic League to bring confidence and focus to over 400 high school football teams this season,” Lucid CEO Jason Stirman said. “Brandon is a champion for mental health and mental strength, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer the Lucid app to the athletes and communities that he’s helping.

“Lucid not only helps athletes perform better at their sports, but also helps them build courage, empathy, and self-compassion for the challenges they will face both on and off the field.”

“Lucid’s mental coaches have worked with elite athletes like Michael Jordan, Brandon Marshall, Kobe Bryant, Aaron Gordon, Olympians, and more from all levels, ages, and sports to help them perform at a higher level,” Stirman said. “Only the best of the best have had access to this training and these coaches, until now.”

Now Lucid’s daily five-minute audio clips that preach meditation, visualization and positive affirmations, according to the company will be available to a wider audience thanks to Brandon.

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