..and anything done in the past, is history. History is history no matter how you slice it.  Whatever your descent, your belief or your skill set, it doesn’t matter.  Black history just was not afforded to those that were of black descent many generations ago. Since, there is a month called Black History, and it is amongst us, let’s honor it! 

So, once again it is time to ring in another year. Settle down from the New Year celebrations, Superbowl festivities and concentrate on getting those resolutions finally done!  You know, the ones that are still mounting on the list you started when you were 21.  This year must be the year to do what you keep convincing yourself you’re going to do. If you are like the rest of the resolution-ers, you have a lot of catching up to do. You are determined that this is going to be the year that you will shine and be the person you keep saying every year, you are going to be.  Start the year off right by focusing on one thing.  Once you get that done move to the next; delegate out what you cannot do.  Before you know it, things are finally getting done, without a lot of things that are not, aka “loose ends.”

Since it is black history month and this month is more about learning and understand, let’s keep it that way. Why not help others understand that as well.  The things you do not understand can be learned by just asking.  There are actually others that are out there that know things you don’t.  You can also help others the same way.  Before you know it you will be helping each other.  Besides, what good is the knowledge if there is no one around to learn?  If you know about business and someone else that has the drive and the determination but not the business sense, you are still ahead of the game.  Educating that individual with that kind of knowledge and the natural drive that he or she has is a win win.   Look at it in reverse, you can educate someone that is not driven and they may be in it to appease others, but soon they will lose interest because the drive and determination was never there.  A lot of the time, that person was never interested in learning business in the first place; but instead a trade. 

Take this month to find out what really makes you happy.  If you are sitting around a board room, when you rather be doing humanitarian work in the bowels of Africa, unbutton that shirt and go do it.  After all, you have one life to live; go do it! I don’t mean drop everything and just do it, but, why not? You have responsibilities and obligations, everyone does, right? So did the ones that are there now that left years ago to live the way they wanted to live.  You are falling behind, just like that list of resolutions.  It keeps adding up and so does the years.  The reason you worked all your life has to mean something in the end.  Start to focus on your dreams and working towards them.  If you want to move to Europe, then start planning a trip to learn the area you want to be in and the budget for it.  Again, with the knowledge that you have, you can one day bring a friend that has the same vision along and become your neighbor. Next thing you know you are learning a new culture and creating another history and an endless cycle of knowledge and culture.

We as people can’t afford to hold our power back.  Delegating our duties and resources in the end will only help build a nation of others that can help others.  What is the old saying? “You cannot take it with you. “  The only way to build a majority is to grow the minorities.  But aren’t the minorities combined, really the majority?  We are powerful in numbers.  No matter what color, creed or origin you are.  It is not a color issue; it’s more of the right issue.  We cannot continue on with this, “I got mine, you get yours.”  Every one person that you encountered has helped mold and shape the course of our lives; whether you wanted them to or not. There is no denying that. So why not combined positive forces and get more done.

It will be great to start a German history, or a Mexican history month. But isn’t it all “human history?” Since it is February, let’s start somewhere, with Black History!


After all, that is what Dr. Martin Luther King would have wanted,

Happy Black History Month





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