Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard

Much respect to the Philadelphia 76er’s for their win but after struggling through another loss for the Boston Celtics, the television began searching for another round of basketball. Finally stumbling upon the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder.   Now, with the majority of basketball teams, you will find the height ranging from 6’1 or higher leaving the average person falling sufficiently shorter.  If you want a clear visual it’s almost like comparing a mountain to a mole hill. Sometimes you will experience a little rain within those mountains and the rain water runs and finds its way through the cracks and crevasses. This usually causes corrosion. Along with the rain, every now and then, there is a little lightening that brings a little mystic to the mix.

Before starting with a list of synonyms and metaphors, let’s get back to the game between the Lakers and OKC.  Looking among the court were the same 6’1’ers or taller rebounding and blocking like fellow basketball players are suppose to do.  But there were a lot of shots coming out of nowhere.  The basketball would literally sail through the air and you weren’t sure where it came from. As stated earlier, sometimes rain will seep through the cracks to find it’s way out.  Just like the rain, there were a lot of points being made by an unclear force that was hard to see between the mountain of 6’1’ers or above.  Lightening stroke every time these unknown points were made.

Not sure of what the television was showing, it was time to take a closer look.  Suddenly there was another 3 pointer, then another.  Then out of nowhere,  it started raining and more points were beginning added to the OKC’s team.  Again another basketball comes from the sky and travels to the basket.  So this time, it was time to find the source of all this magic.  What was found was this very aggressive and confident young man.  Standing around 5’8, give or take, with his hands still in the position of a man that just shot a three pointer throw the air,  It was Russell Westbrook.

From Long Beach California, it seems as though he has been making quiet noise all along.  Playing only two years before being drafted in 2008, Westbrook can take advantage by finding those cracks in the foundations of his opponents.  There have been others like, Allen Iverson and Spud Webb to name a few, that worked at their best against larger than life odds.

Let’s not fail to mention being a:

Two time All Star

Two time member of the All NBA –Second Team

All Rookie First Team

Won gold at the 2012 Olympics

…yes I am still speaking of Russell Westbrook.


PPG   21.5

RPG   4.7

APG  8.7

EFF  21.8

Final score with the Lakers was 108 to OKC’s 114…33 of those points were made by someone less than 6’1 and the very talented Westbrook.

Talent is determined by the person that can properly deliver it! And that he did!

When you are given a talent, no matter how you try you can’t hide it. It can’t be masked.  You can’t run from it, so why not embrace what you have been given.

You can’t stop what is inside. Not dotard by the taller and sometimes intimating majority. This is what will continue the “rain” or Westbrook‘s 3 pointers, finding his way through those mountains to reach his destination every time.

Keep looking in the sky or valley down low. You may find a little “rain and lightning” coming to your town.  And if you do, his name is Westbrook.

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