There are many examples of women who wear many hats and do them well. From Beyoncé to Michelle Obama to Giselle Bundchen, these women are mothers, wives and businesswomen. Another name we can add to the list is Faith Brockers. Faith Brockers is a multi-talented, multi-faceted woman. She is a mom to three beautiful children. She is the wife of Los Angeles Rams defensive end Michael Brockers. She is a businesswoman. She is also a philanthropist. She also writes a blog that details certain events in her life. Wearing all these hats can be difficult but Faith manages to wear them all. “Balancing all the hats that I currently wear is still an adjustment because they are all full-time jobs”, says Brockers. Faith says that she is still learning new ways to make everything flow. Prioritizing is one of the biggest keys Faith uses to manage her time. “The biggest thing is prioritize and learn it is okay to set time blocks for everything and everyone.” While prioritizing her time with her husband and kids are important, Faith says that making time for yourself is extremely important. “I try to remind myself and my friends to make time for yourself- relax, get a massage or manicure.”

Being a business owner can be challenging but Faith has shown that she can handle it. Faith says that being an entrepreneur is always something she wanted to do. She started Senior Helpers of League City near Houston, TX. Senior Helpers is a premier in-home health care provider. “I looked into Senior Helpers and saw how I can have an impact on the elderly community, and I thought it would be a fulfilling franchise to invest in.” Faith co-owns Senior Helpers with her mother, Dr. Marie Youngblood. She says that being a co-owner with her mom can have its ups and downs and pros and cons. But she says being able to expand their relationship beyond mother and daughter is really fun. “She helps with so much; she is the administrator in our office and that requires her to wear several different hats.” Faith says her mother does a lot from taking care of clients, to overseeing the caregivers to conducting home assessments. Faith and Dr. Youngblood have differing personalities, but they balance each other out. Faith says, “My mom can ger very anxious in certain situations and I have a more laid back and easy-going personality which helps us get a perfect balance of urgency but calmness in every situation.”

While owning Senior Helpers is something she always wanted to do, giving back to the community is something Faith is extremely proud of. “Making an impact of my community, both in LA and in our hometown Houston, is so fulfilling.” Faith says the best part is the work she does with young girls in order to boost their confidence. “I grew up with very low confidence in myself, so I know the need is there and how important the impact is.” Faith uses vision board parties to help these young girls. “these empowerment events allow girls to not only visualize their dreams but also see how their goals can become reality. Faith and her husband Michael have the Brockers Youth Foundation. They recently hosted their second annual summer camp in Houston. The camp was free and was held at Michael’s high school alma mater Chavez High School.

Faith and Michael met in high school and have been together since. They were married in March of 2013. Faith says that keeping your marriage fresh can be difficult when you have careers, kids and everything else in the way. She says that she and Michael work really hard to stay connected with one another and make time for each other. Faith believes that date nights are a priority. “We try to get creative and do different things like putt-putt or go karts every once in a while. Our typical date night would be dinner and a movie. We are BIG movie watchers.” Faith says they love to get away from time to time to reconnect. “While it usually doesn’t matter if we are far or just having a staycation, I ALWAYS book a hotel with a spa.”

When asked if she had any tips on balancing all the hats she wears Faith says she advises to not mix and mingle. She believes in not bringing work home. “if you work from home like I do, designate certain hours of the day for your work and if something is not in that block of time, it is not important.” Another tip Faith has is to always find a way to make time for your husband. She says that women juggling multiple things at once they tend to put everything before their spouses. She says the little things we think don’t matter truly matter. “I myself still constantly remind myself even though he is an adult and can handle himself he wants your attention and loving too.” Faith’s life is busy but her marriage to Michael is something she cherishes. “My forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama once said, “It has to be a true partnership, and you have to really, really like and respect the person you’re married to because it is a hard road.”

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