Michael “Air” Jordan made a public statement regarding the police shootings nationwide and the two shootings toward the Dallas and Baton Rouge police departments in July. This is atypical of Jordan. The public knows him to be completely silent about anything gracing the racist behavior that has plagued the United States its entire existence. Now, days before the release of his new shoes, Air Jordan 1 KO High ($140) and OVO Air Jordan 12 ($TBA), Jordan implores the nation to “come together as Americans” and have a “peaceful dialogue”. Then he states he is going to donate $1 million each to the Institute for Community Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund which has worked for over 75 years yet African Americans are still the most targeted and railroaded in the U.S. justice system daily. Undoubtedly, Jordan will recoup the $2 million in just hours upon the release of his latest shoe. His shoes generated a total of $3 billion in U.S. retail last year according to a March 30, 2016 Forbes Magazine article (K. Badenhausen).  It is however good that he’s taking a stand, even if it has taken over 25 years to do so.

Recently Jordan also decided to contribute $5 million to the National Museum of African American History & Culture opening at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC in a month. “I am grateful for the opportunity to support this museum,” Jordan, 53, said. “I also am indebted to the historic contributions of community leaders and athletes such as Jesse Owens, whose talent, commitment and perseverance broke racial barriers and laid the groundwork for the successful careers of so many African Americans in athletics and beyond.”

It is about time that his airness took a stand, one way or another. We look forward to what else he will say or do for a community that has supported him not only from the beginning of his career but to this day.

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