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Who has 54828 career yards?

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Quaterback

Who has 399 Touchdowns and counting?

Who has won 4 Most Valuable Player Awards?

If you guessed Peyton Manning you’re correct.  Some may think that after four neck surgeries and sitting out all last year  he wouldn’t bounce back, but don’t count him out yet.  With a, “don’t stop, won’t stop attitude”, Peyton Manning may need to add the “Unbreakable Kid” to his accomplishments.  Suffering a devastating injury like that definitely would bring down some of the strongest men.  As long as there is fight and determination, some things that can’t be broken.

Week 2 was plagued by several interceptions and key miscalls from the officials. The Atlanta Falcons would go on to win 27-21, which could have easily been a wipe out for the Denver Broncos. The Falcons’ taking a win on this game did not sit well with the Broncos fans.  If you take out the name and the stats of Week 2, no one would be clear of whom this article is about.  Comparing Week 2 with Week 1’s win over Pittsburgh (31-19), it would clearly be two different Broncos teams and someone other than Manning.

Calling Indianapolis home for 14yrs (1998-2011), it had to be tough transition for Manning.  Did the Colts make the right decision? It may be too early to call.   Just three years ago, he was named the “best player in the NFL” and Fox Sports along with Sports Illustrated naming him the “NFL player of the decade of the 2000s”.

Does Manning still have something to gain, probably so.  Does Peyton have something to prove with an impressive record like that? It could be said that there isn’t not much left to gain and not much left prove.


Finally, we  can all say it together, “he’s back.” However,  has her ever left?  The hiatus has lit a fire in Mr. Manning, or better yet a stronger laser in his throwing arm. The pinpoint accuracy that we have all been witness to, is still there.This break may have changed him into a new and improved man. Perhaps surgery would have weakened a lesser man.   Whether you love him or hate him, Peyton has a lot left to give.  Is Peyton improved skills enough to get the Broncos to the Superbowl? Keep up and find out.

Snatching a win from the Oakland Raiders is another step in the right direction. Watching him play for the Broncos and possibly at the Superbowl in his hometown will be a game to remember, if they get there.   With flavor and down home southern charm, New Orleans will be exploding with adoring look, whether at the game or watching from the nearest sports bar. May the best team win!

No matter who is the winner, we will surely be there to help the fans cheer for their team.

We will keep you posted…

Happy Holidays from SET Magazine!!!


Ponecha Mitchell, SET Magazine

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