It’s always heartbreaking for fans when their favorite player gets injured and taken out of the game. It’s worse for fans and the future of their team when said player happens to be the star that the team depends on.  Not just a star but superstar Chris Bosh.  Bosh is beloved by opposing team players and the NBA community at large.

Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh suffered two rounds of health scares over the last two years—last year’s blood clots in the knee took him out of the team’s last 30 games.

While many injuries just take time and rehab, this issue—which has grown more series now that the blood clots are in the lungs—may take him out of this year’s season, too. The dangers are real, according to the doctors, because these clots can lead to a pulmonary embolism.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Athletes are also the population most susceptible to these dangers, experts told the Miami Herald recently.

The Heat says they’re still exploring their options when it comes to Bosh’s health as well as his essential presence to the team.  Of course they pointed out that his health itself, regardless of whether he plays this season,  is most important and that his well-being and health as a human being, father, family member and friend overrides concern for the team itself.

The franchise says they are still exploring their options, according to Heat president Pat Riley says that there’s not much more to say about it at this point. “They (the doctors) are continuing to find ways (to get Bosh better) and explore options (to improve his health and find out if he can return to the game),” he said.

Bosh’s best buddy and fellow Heat star Dwayne Wade keeps his own spirits up as well as Bosh’s by sticking by his side and has said on numerous occasions that Bosh is doing great.

Yahoo Sports noted that Bosh is under increasing pressure to sit out the rest of the season, and that likelihood is pretty much imminent, though no one has said so outright.

All the rest of us—fans, players, doctors, current teammates, former teammates, the Heat and the NBA community at large—just have to wait…and pray that Bosh regains his health swiftly and fully. No matter what, we love this superstar forward and wish him happiness, health, and a swift, full recovery.

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