Lindsey Vonn was all about the laughs on the ESPYs red carpet.  Hannah Storm asked JJ Watt how he won defensive player of the year in the NFL last year while playing for the Texans, despite his numerous injuries throughout the season, JJ credited his teammates and training staff.  He attempted to give a great interview, exhibit on camera presence, look at the camera, speak clearly… you know all the stuff you’re supposed to do during an interview.  Well, Linds had another idea and wanted to have some fun. She let us know another recovery strategy that JJ Watt used.

Take a look.

Storm had to tell Lindsey to “reel it in” and re-focus on the interview.  We got a kick out of this!!

Is Lindsey flirting with the Houston Texans star or what?!  Clearly JJ wasn’t ready.

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