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Football season is finally among us and it’s time to prepare to cheer on our favorite teams. Tailgating is one of America’s favorite game-day past-times, but it might look a little different while we’re quarantining. By this time last year, we would’ve had a few tailgating parties under our belts. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed not only the structure of the football season but the entire world as we know it. In honor of National Tailgating Day, we’ve put together our top five ways tailgating has changed since COVID-19.

5. Location: At Home


This year, packing the SUV and driving to the stadium may not be possible with stadium restrictions due to public health concerns. Therefore, the tailgate must be done at home; perhaps in the backyard patio area or from a gazebo. With the added touch of an outdoor sound system, tailgating at home could be even more fun!

4. Food: Catering

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We’re used to tailgating with a grill, from the back of a car, and plenty of drinks to go around. There’s nothing like popping the trunk and passing the good eats around with your tailgating buddies. On the bright side, catering might even be a better option for tastier and more complex food options. Hors D’oeuvres, multi-flavored wings, pasta salad, sausage and peppers, and assorted veggie platters are great options. Don’t forget beverages like cocktails, wines, and of course, cold brews!

3. Decor: Home Decorations


Depending on how you like to tailgate, you may or may not dress up the car for your experience. This year, we may have to put a little more effort into decorating the house. Break out the streamers and team logo-themed plates and cups. We have a chance to spruce up for the festivities and really get into the football spirit. Team-colored mood lightbulbs might do the trick!

2. Dress Style

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If we’re pulling up to the stadium parking lot, we’ll probably be in our comfiest attire, wearing our favorite players’ jerseys, team hats, and a pair of old jeans. This year tailgating at home, it may call for more formal-casual attire. Feel free to host in your favorite designer dress or a new pair of shoes. If we’re entertaining guests at the house, we have to look our best, right?

1. Number Of Home Guests

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Big crowds and lots of mingling makes tailgating so fun. This year, we have to be mindful of how many guests we have at our tailgate. The biggest COVID-19 buzzword is “social distancing.” Instead of hundreds of people around, it may only be 5-10 people, at the most, in order to follow CDC guidelines. Don’t forget to stay six feet apart!

How will you be tailgating this football season during quarantine?

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