The NFL’s opening weekend is a ceremonial beginning to autumn across the United States.  People from various demographics sit in the stadiums or stare at electronic devices to see how each team initiates the season.  Last month, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers, sat on the bench, and in recent games kneeled, during the national anthem.  The choice he made, which he says is to demand for law enforcement reform, divided the U.S.  Some people burned his jersey and spewed racial epithets on social media while others applauded his intentions.  The Santa Clara Police Department said they might not police the 49ers’ games due to Kaepernick’s actions and purpose.  During every game of the opening weekend, people were atypically attentive to the athletes each time the anthem was played, honoring 9/11.  The Seattle Seahawks informed the media they were going to support Kaepernick.  The entire team, of all ethnicities, locked arms as they stood on the sideline.  Thursday night, Brandon Marshall, linebacker for the Denver Broncos, kneeled in support of the Kaepernick protest.  He lost two endorsement deals because of it.  Some of Kaepernick’s teammates supported him with their right fists raised in the air as another teammate kneeled next to him.  Four Miami Dolphins players kneeled during the anthem as well.  Even military veterans have been supporting Kaepernick’s choice to protest.  Participating NFL players stated they will continue to support the protest while Frances Scott Key’s lyrics play in the minds of those who watch.

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