“This is our f-ing city. And nobody’s going to dictate our freedom. Stay Strong!”  David Ortiz’s words in April of 2013 at Fenway Park were powerful, giving a sense of patriotism and hope to the people in Boston after the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  The magnitude of those words will be reenacted by Ortiz in upcoming film “Patriots Day”.  The film will be directed by Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg as a Boston Police officer.

Ortiz is looking forward to filming and when asked about Mark Wahlberg – “Yeah, Mark [Wahlberg] and I go way back,” Ortiz told ESPN.com. “He came and approached me the other day, asking me about it. And I said, ‘No problem.’ It sounds like it’s going to be fun. We’re going to do the filming when I get back to Boston, one of those mornings. I’m excited.

“It’s a big deal,” Ortiz said. “This movie is going to be a big deal, especially in Boston. After what happened in 2013, it’s going to come out on Christmas.”  The film is scheduled for a limited release in Boston, New York and Los Angeles on December 21, 2016 with a bigger release on January 13, 2017 across the country.

This is a testament to the impact that athletes make in the cities they play in on the people that love them.  We will be watching this one. #BostonStrong

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