It was a pleasure getting to know the man, that has been titled one of the top strategic marketing and partnership individuals in sports, Andrew Givens. Givens said he’s developed this title through relationships which developed strongly after his NFL career. A transition from the field to behind the desk was any easy play for Givens to execute. Givens prepared himself for life after football, he always thought of the game as a season.

The passion Givens always had for marketing is what pushed him to get involved with such compainies as: HBO, SCRIPPS, National Association for Multi- Ethnicity in Communication (NAMIC), BET Movies, ESPN, and Starz Entertainment.

“I’ve been blessed to work with the trailblazers and innovators…,” said Givens.

At compainies like NAMIC, Kaleidoscope Group, and BET Movies he has had the opportunity to inspire change at each company. During Given’s time at NAMIC, a company that encourages diversity in the cable industry, cable production, cable development and film acquisition, he went to different companies encouraging diversity with recruitment and talent. He brought the same attitude of wanting to be a change agent for the world to Kaleidoscope Group; Kaleidoscope is the number one consulting firm for training diversity within companies and communities. Givens has achieved many accomplishments some are producing the highest rated BET Award Show, he received a NAMIC Excellence award, a Peabody Award for the Huey P. Newton story directed by Spike Lee and an NAACP Image Award.

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