TopSpin Making A Difference

With over $2.5 million in funds benefitting 19 charities, a mission to provide necessary resources for under served youth to succeed.  TopSpin is an organization that

Is Monogamy Fact or Fiction? Pt. 2

So I had the pleasure of reading Derrick Jaxn’s book, ‘A Cheating Mans Heart,’ and was pleasantly surprised by the candidness the author gave in describing the

Is Monogamy Fact or Fiction?

Monogamy is always a touchy subject but SET aims to open dialogue, provoke conversation and even some self inspection.  Writer DeAndra Alex spoke to Ray Ray Armstrong

Have You Had Your Shaq Soda Today?

  Shaq Appeal, Cashing In On Endorsements! AriZona Beverages has joined Reebok, Icy Hot/Gold Bond, Buick and Zales in cashing in on Shaq’s ability to

Terrell Owen’s Pro Career Has Launched!

Terrell Owen’s New Career  Three years ago Veteran NFL Star Terrell Owen’s team came in second in Set Magazine’s Annual Bowling Tournament. I was impressed with his