In 2009, Blake Griffin was selected as the first overall draft pick by the LA Clippers. He and his family packed up their belongings, leaving their simple and Southern lifestyle behind in Oklahoma and started new beginnings in Los Angels, California. Seven years later, Griffin, one of the NBA’s leading power forwards, will use his families Cali transition to pilot an animated comedy called Okies of Bel-Air. Loosely based off the sitcoms Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Beverly Hillbillies, the show is centered around a family of Oklahoma catfish Farmers who abruptly move to California, after their son a basketball phenom, is selected first overall in the NBA draft. From there, they do their best to maintain a simple southern lifestyle while basking in the city of smoothies and kale.

According to Deadspin, Fox has agreed to pilot Okies of Bel-Air, which will be executive produced by Griffin when he is not on the court. The project, which will highlight some details of Griffin’s life, will be written by Sean O’Conner, the same writer-comedian who also writes for The Late Show.

With Blake Griffin’s history of keeping us entertained- let’s not forget his stint with stand-up comedy, his high flying dunks, his many commercials, and not to be forgotten, his recent nude scene on Broad City, we are sure that he will leave us with nothing short of laughter when 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV create the pilot.

We look forward to your show, Mr. Griffin.

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