Over the the holidays, Chicago Cubs rookie Kris Bryant made his longtime-girlfriend and high school sweetheart Julia Delp a very happy girl. He gave her a diamond engagement ring for Christmas, and asked her to become his wife.

He announced the happy news over Instagram, stating, “Only took me eight years, but I can’t wait to marry my best friend! Perfect way to end an unforgettable year!”

Kris Bryant Engagement Twitter

This decidedly shiny and sparkly event rounds out what any sports fan could tell you has turned out to be a home run of a year for this 23-year-old.

You could say he’s winning at life in general.

He made it to the majors, was named Rookie of the Year, elected to the All-Star Team, and led his team to the National Championships against the NY Mets.

He also was given keys to the city of Las Vegas, his hometown.

The only person who seems a little bummed is his teammate Anthony Rizzo, who become so tight with Bryant that the two briefly earned the short-lived bromance title of “Bryzzo.” Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Over Twitter, Rizzo told the Internet, “It’s a night of crying and pouring my feelings over ice cream now that Bryzzo is over.”

We think he’ll get through it.

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