Blaze, which was founded in 2011, is one of the fastest-growing restaurants ever and is nearing a deal that would value the company at $100 million, according to Bloomberg News.

Lebron invested in Blaze Pizza in 2012, Blazes casual-pizza or as some call it assembly line pizza is a concept that has been widely accepted.  So much so that the franchise has grown from two to 200 franchises in just four years. The chain is slated to make $300 million in sales this year, an increase from the $184 million it made in 2016.

Lebron is all about ownership and turned down a $14 million deal with McDonald’s to represent a product that guaranteed him ownership and several franchises, as mentioned on Uninterrupted’s “Kneading Dough”.  Uninterrupted is the sports platform that Lebron owns.

Talk about making moves.


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