It may not sound like much, and compared with many bazillionaire male athletes, it isn’t. But this Olympic Silver Medalist known as the best female pitcher in the world–ever–has just signed a contract that ESPN calls “the most lucrative paid by an individual American professional franchise to an active female athlete in team sports.”

That’s a pretty big deal, no? And it’s well-deserved. Let’s get down to some brass tacks that this writer had no idea about, and to many who know the world of pro sports much better. First. Yes, there is a professional league for softball players, and it’s the National Pro Fastpitch (NFP). This next season marks its 13-year anniversary. 13 years! Now, back to Monica and her record $1 million six-year contract with the Houston-area Scrap Yard Dawgs.

“I think it’s a proud moment for National Pro Fastpitch,” league Commissioner Cheri Kempf told ESPN. “But I think it goes further than that. I think it’s a proud moment for women in professional sports in this country. I feel glad that it’s happening in the league. I’m glad that we’re going to lead the way, in some respects.”

Abbott concurs.

“Hopefully,” she tweeted, “it’s the start of new platforms in salary advertising and sponsorship across the league and the athletes.”

Monica Abbott leading the way, it’s a good start. After all, she pitches at 77 mph – just like a girl.

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