Some are calling him the best MC in the NBA, but Portland Trail Blazers’ guard Damian Lillard has proved that his musical talent stands on its own with his brand-new single “Bigger Than Us.”

He released the video and the song on MLK Day, which is appropriate, given the song’s message, which, though not specific, speaks to everything from police shootings and the confederate flag to poverty and social injustice.

But instead of anger or divisiveness, in the end, the message is all about unity and that all of these events are “something bigger than us.”

“Everything that I do, I want it to be impactful,” Lillard told Oregon Live. “If I can use my ability to make music to have an impact and spread a message I believe in, why not use my platform for something like that?”

Released on MLK Day, the video and song were part of the NBA on TNT MLK celebration, which also featured a video of numerous NBA stars speaking about what Martin Luther King, Jr. means to them.

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