D. Rose on the verge of a comeback

Chicago Bulls v Minnesota Timberwolves


Derrick Rose continues to work on healing his knee. After being left with a torn ACL, since April 2012, this Chicago Bulls point guard is ineligible to play or practice at this point in the season. He is expected to return to the NBA sometime in February or March. Rose has traveled recently with his team for the first time since  injury. (SunTimes)


Bears say bye to Lovie Smith

 Lovie Smith 1 18

Longtime Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith was let go at the end of 2012. Many players were surprised and they will miss him.

“It’s very sad to see him go,”  said Nick Roach, linebacker.

Smith said it was an “honor” to teach the team. Bears Wide Receiver, Devin Hester wide receive and other players are considering retiring due to the absence of Smith. (CBS Sports)


And he’s back 

 Brandon Browner 1 18

Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Brandon Browner is coming back into football next week. He was suspended for substance usage and banned from four games. Browner used suspension time to watch plays on the sidelines. He has felt as though he gained more experience and knowledge. Coach Pete Carroll is excited to have him back on the team again. (Fox Sports)

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