Okay, yes. Mother’s Day has come and gone, but we still need to let you know about how much superstar MVP Steph Curry loves and appreciates his wife AND how his twitter dedication to his wife and his loving words to his mother will teach you the new #FamilyGoals, #LoveGoals and #LifeGoals you’ll want to reach.

Ayesha and Sonya Curry

So here it goes. This is what he dedicated to his adorable wife Ayesha Curry on Mother’s Day:

“Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife…I marvel every day at how much you do for our family and how you give our girls your time, focus, TLC and 100% of who you are. No better and more rewarding job than motherhood and you are a natural! Those sleepless nights I know are I know are rough but you handle it so well, I feel blessed knowing Riley and Ryan have you as their mother. Hate that I’m not here to spend the day with you but I’ll make it up to you soon!”

Yeah, we know. But wait. Here’s his Mother’s Day message to his mom:

“Even though you called me ET when I came out the womb–I still love you!” he wrote. “You equipped me to take on this world and be confident in Myself and who God made me to be. Thank you for everything. #ihopeyoudance.”

Steph Curry makes us love him more and more!


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