Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably hot in his latest underwear campaign, the 6th collection to be exact.  If you grab a pair for the special someone in your life you just might help boost their confidence. That’s the goal anyway.  Ronaldo says in a press release, “I wanted to put my favorite new designs in the spotlight for this campaign, which is all about celebrating the confidence that great underwear can give you.  I want my designs to give people confidence, to make them both look and feel great. Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, so its the foundation for feeling your best. I always feel good when I’m wearing great underwear. It’s a confidence boost.”

While Ronaldo is contributing to morale on the fashion front he’s making an impact in his hometown as well.

The city of Madeira has experienced a massive wildfire that left three dead and caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people leaving them homeless. Ronaldo spoke with island president Miguel Albuquerque and committed $100,000 to help in aid efforts.  Rolando said on his Facebook page:

“It is with an aching heart that I am seeing what’s happening in Madeira and other parts of the country.  My support goes out with a thank you to all those firefighters who are bravely risking their lives to save so many others.  I am with you.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Madeira as well. To see one of the highest paid athletes in the world boasts rock hard abs, want to boost the confidence of others and have a heart for people is commendable. Cristiano Ronaldo blaze on!

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