More powerful than words, is action. Lexi Barros can tell you of her love of the game of basketball, but she’d rather show you, and show up is what she continues to do, on the court and in her community.

Lexi’s basketball journey doesn’t fall short on experience or passion. Picking up a basketball as young child, using the challenges she faced day by day as the fuel for pushing to each level…with no limits in sight for where it may take her. While working her way to the ultimate goal of playing in the WNBA, Lexi has created a tornado in the world of women’s professional basketball. You can watch videos of her controlling the floor as she played for the Cape Verde Women’s National Team. See her effortlessly put-up shots for the WABA’s New England Trailblazers. Working out on the court every day is one way that Lexi continues her journey to the WNBA. That workout consists of everything, 200 free throws a day, beach workouts, several times a day, and inspiring her AAU basketball team. Posting videos on YouTube to display her talents as well inspire others looking to pursue basketball has been just one way that Lexi has used her platform to engage and inspire the youth in the New Bedford community. Coaching the 4th grade and 7th grade Baystate Elite AAU teams to championships and in life, she doesn’t stop there. While using her basketball experience to build skills and technique with her teams she also is creating an atmosphere of inclusivity. Students of the game who have never played before are getting first-hand experience with the wisdom Lexi has acquired on the court.

“The second grader that I work with, she’s amazing. Her progress is just building and you can, you can see that she really loves it and that she wants to continue to get better. She’s going home, making workout videos on their own.” Lexi explains of one of her mentees. “I want to be able to give back, you know what I’m saying? Just help kids, you know? I try to just be very open, communicate very well be patient. I’m very good at that. I like teaching the fundamentals, the basics all over again. Cause that’s when you really see they had progress, you get to see them grow.”

Influencing on the court has inspired Lexi to create the women’s empowerment brand, Underdogs. “I want to build a positive platform for these girls, and show them that you can do it and you can get out of New Bedford or wherever you’re from. You just got to work hard. You got to push yourself.” The brand will feature clothing meant to inspire anyone who aspires to be greater than the challenges that they face and hurdles meant to stop you.

Lexi has faced the biggest challenges in life and the biggest players on the floor and has proven that she will never back down and no wall big enough to stop her. Sharing her growth and wisdom as a coach and teammate will continue to make those around her better.

” My favorite song I put for right now would be applying pressure by J Cole.” explains Lexi while talking through the focus her mind goes through when on the court. A song title fitting for what she has planned. Applying pressure to her goal of getting to the WNBA. We will be along for the ride to watch Lexi Barros rise from our favorite player out of New Bedford to our favorite WNBA player out of New Bedford.

Tika: There’s three rapid questions. Just three quick answers right off the top of your head. Don’t think about it. So first one. Ready? Pick-up game with who?

Lexi: Candace Parker.

Tika: If you’re not playing basketball or watching basketball, what would you do?

Lexi: That’s all I do.

Tika: Top three, point guards?

Lexi: Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Sue Bird

She is still the record holder to the most threes made in a game at CCRI Community College of Rhode Island and looking to break more records on her way. Watch Lexi on her journey on her YouTube Channel, The journey of Allexia Barros. Keep up with her endeavors and brand, Underdogs, at
She will keep her feet planted on the court and her focus set on greatness.

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