When travelers get in a Lyft or an Uber or a cab, we usually don’t pay all that much  attention to our driver, and their faces probably wouldn’t register after we’ve left our ride and headed on to our destination. If our driver were about seven feet tall, however, it’s almost 100 percent likely we’d recount that information to everyone we see that day, or at least a few. So. How quick would you be to notice that your Lyft driver were not only alarmingly tall and large, but in fact one of the most recognizable faces in the country?

A few lucky people were unwittingly put to the test recently when Shaq put on some terrible disguises and drove around Atlanta as a Lyft driver for a day. Surprisingly, the 7’3”, 350-pound superstar managed to fool a few of his passengers, all of whom rode in the front seat, as is the custom with this down-to-earth ride-share service and number-one Uber rival.

Undercover Lyft is genius marketing. And Shaq is one of a few celebrity athletes who have also gone undercover, including Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman. The gentle giant was hilarious, and loved every dang second of it. Seriously.  The man’s commitment to his characters was intense! He  dressed in a beret and military jacket as a non-French speaking Frenchman named Pierre; wore a bandana and awful fake beard as a cop named Goose; and donned all kinds of truly bad costumes, including a blonde Golden Girls wig.

Even when he turned every convo toward basketball (this notoriously terrible free-throw shooter called himself “the world’s greatest free-throw coach”) and brought up his movie Kazam he starred in back in the day, his passengers were totally charmed but completely clueless. The only  person with some sort of excuse not to recognize him–a guy from Brazil–was the only one to call him out.

In the end he threw off his disguises and thrilled every single one of his passengers, whose days and lives were totally made. It was pretty obvious, however, that Shaq was the one who had the most fun. Yay, Shaq!

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