Search Shaw shared some of his off-season travel via Instagram and of course he made us want to take a trip.  We are off to Capri, Italy on this SET Destination!

Whether you’re traveling for the off-season, a girls weekend, honeymoon, a birthday celebration, or just to get away here are some of our top hotel picks and sights that you must see while visiting Capri.

Some travelers don’t spend much time in the hotel while traveling abroad so they don’t put a great deal of thought into accomodations.  For the SET audience where we lay our heads is just as important as where we are going, where we eat and makes for an overall wonderful trip experience.

Here are our Top 3 Hotel Picks to give you a luxury experience in Capri:

  1. Grand Hotel Quisisano – Known as the elegance of Capri this hotel is in the heart of Capri walking distance from the Piazzetta. Glamour, luxury, privacy and natural beauty is what you will surround yourself with staying here.  Boasting a cafe’, theater, spa and two pools there is always plenty to do. Take a look
  2. JK Place Capri – This ultra-chic boutique style luxury hotel has redefined sophistication.  With only 22 rooms on 4 floors it is quaint yet exquisite.  The hotel sits atop a cliff just above the Marina Grande highlighting breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. Take a look
  3. Capri Palace Hotel and Spa – is a stylish and elegant boutique hotel with artistically designed rooms/suites. For a more intimate experience some of its suites have their own garden and pool. Creatively influenced by art and cinema, each suite is named after an inspiring movie star or famous artist. Take a look


Now that you have some hotel options lets explore Capri.  Here are the top places you will want to check out while on the island.

  1. Take a private boat tour and cruise the Italian coast. While on the boat tour go to –
    • Faraglioni Rock Formations – best seen from the deck of a boat. Go between and under these natural formations for an experience you will never forget.
    • Blue Grotto – a natural sea cave with beautiful bright azure colored water inside the cave.  See firsthand due to the sunlight which enters the cavern through an underwater opening which is positioned exactly under the cave’s mouth.
    • Anacapri where there are coves of the northern tip of the island until you pass Punta Carena, here is the imposing lighthouse of Capri and you can enjoy a spectacular view.
    • Emerald Grotto where you can enjoy crystal clear water and gaze at beautiful villas built right on the cliffs.
    • Enjoy lunch at waterfront restaurant Marina Piccola.
  2. Go to Piazza Umberto, a famous tourist destination.  Here you can mingle with tourists from all over the world. Enjoy a coffee and experience the lively and buzzing atmosphere. To reach the Piazza some opt to take the tram-cable car up the hill from the Marina. You can see splendid views of Capri’ Marina.

You know some luxury hotels where you can stay and some pretty amazing things to do in Capri, go on and book your trip! Share your travels on social media and tag us when you get there. #SETDestinations



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