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Just when you think there is nothing left to surprise you, you get invited to a performing arts program. You begin to ponder with the thoughts of, “I hope it’s not boring,” or “please, just let me stay awake.” The last thing you want to do is disappoint the person who asked you to go. After all, it has been a while since you last hung out. So you suck it up and make the best of it. Things can’t be all that bad, because you know your friend has good taste and you value their opinion. So what the hell, it’s all in the name of love. You especially love it, when you get there and the lady at the ticket counter just happens to have an extra ticket that some very nice person left to pass on as a random act of kindness.

After ordering wine, you had to be the one to go out on a limb and order what could possibly be the driest wine ever made. Feeling pretty good that you are just out and enjoying the laughs that are being exchanged, you settle down into very steep balcony seats, which were great seats by the way. All of a sudden, the lights dim and the commentator begins to introduce the performance.

The curtains begin to slowly open, ever so slightly and there is one single person standing there all alone, under the spot light. The rhythms of Bobby Marley begin to fill the speakers of the arena. You look around and one by one, people slowly begin to tap their fingers on their knees and bob their heads to the beat. Before long everyone is moving their feet to the music and the beat.

With every dancer, your saying, “ok, this one is my favorite, no this one.” The grace and effortlessness of both the women and men is electric. Just for a split second you look over, hoping not to turn away for too long. You just want to check and see if the others are feeling the way you are feeling. It almost feels as if Bob Marley is right there with you. Flashes of Marley performing in his concerts spin around in your mind just as he spins in all of the footage you have seen of him. The intensity is thick in the air. Just when you think the feeling will not end, the music dies down, the dancers stop and the curtains slowly close into intermission. You just hope everyone didn’t notice how hard you were jammin’ man.

Intermission is over and you know for sure nothing will top the performance you just saw. You can’t wait to tell everyone you know about what you saw. Then it happens, you hear a familiar sound. It was so long ago when you heard this sound last. No, this can’t be what you think it is. Once again your body starts moving before you realized it. Things start to get a little “superstitious,” like you have been in this theatre watching this awesome performance before. You can’t really dance too much because you are on higher ground where others can see you.

Sounds like, “All I Do” and “Living Just Enough for the City” start to ring in your ear. It is Stevie, Stevie Wonder. Once you realize it, the song “As,” from the “Best Man” movie comes on, and it takes you back to your childhood and all those fond memories of your innocence. Between the memories and those swains on stage dancing so graceful and effortlessly, you are in a trance for the remainder of the night. While you are sitting there still trying to figure out which dancer you like the best, you decide on all of them. Wondering how the choreographer, Robert K. Brown, was able to envision how he wanted the performance to be. Overcome by the way the performers were able to transform their bodies into clay and mold around each other was truly amazing. After the curtains are closed, you are hoping for an encore, or at least to be in another city the same time they are performing. As your walking out, you can’t believe the magic you just saw. Looking over at your friend, you say to yourself, I am so glad you invited me. I can’t wait for you to invite me again.

ronald dance

Ronald K Brown and the “outstanding dance team”

ronald k brown

ronald and spike

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