Once a collector and now a purveyor of exclusive jerseys, beloved MC and fashion trendsetter Fabolous has teamed with the lifestyle brand Villa to curate an imaginative, evocative, and nostalgic clothing collection—the star of which are one-of-a-kind jerseys.

He dropped the latest at Art Basel Miami this past December with the “Dream Team” collection, a line of jerseys and apparel inspired not only by the 1992 Gold-Winning U.S. Olympic basketball “Dream Team” that featured Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and Charlie Pippen—just to begin the list.

Many sports experts still say that that ’92 Olympic team is still THE best team of any sport ever assembled. And the spirit and joy these rockstar players evoked from teams and fans all across the world, who experienced the thrill of a lifetime just “competing” against or merely watching these masters play the game TOGETHER, is still a sweet memory for all who lived through it.

The StaDIEM Pop Up Shop at Art Basel Miami thrummed with the same passion, adrenaline and power, showing off a contemporary take on the classic jerseys of that 1992 Olympic dream team as well as each dream player’s NBA home team.

“As a long-time fan of vintage jerseys and the 90s era, I’m excited to give my fans the chance to purchase these limited edition pieces,” says Fabolous.

In photos, Fabolous shows up with fists up in gold boxing gloves and old-school gold chains sporting Jordan-era Bulls black-and-red in a “92”-emblazoned cap and an Olympics-inspired jersey.

The “Dream Team” collection is but one in several that Fabolous will curate with Villa.

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