National Sweetest Day

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The third Saturday of October is a special day that encourages thoughtfulness, generosity, and reciprocity. National Sweetest Day is a holiday traditionally observed in midwestern states but throughout the years, people from all over the country have made sure to send a loved one a small token of love and appreciation on this day. In honor of the sweetest day of the year, we spoke with wives of current and past NFL players to find out special ways they have been celebrated or have celebrated their significant others. Here are five ways you can celebrate your partner today.

Sunset Helicopter Tour Over The City

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When love is in the air, take your spouse over the city just before sundown with a helicopter tour. This mini excursion is popular in many major cities across the country and is the perfect romantic and scenic moment to share with the one you love.

Shopping Spree At A Favorite Boutique

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If gift receiving is one of your partner’s love languages, then a shopping spree is the best token of appreciation for Sweetest Day. Be sure to pay close attention to frequented boutiques and shops that your partner goes to so that you can surprise them with gifts from all their favorite places.

Gift A Dream Car

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We can’t think of a better surprise than a brand new car with a bow in the driveway! The feeling of finally getting the car you’ve wanted is unmatched and would make your partner remember this Sweetest Day for years to come.

Book a Weekend Getaway With VIP Treatment

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Pick a place on the map and pack your bags. A getaway is a perfect way to spend quality time with your loved one. You can choose somewhere new or revisit a location that brings you sweet memories. Either way, be sure that each vacation day is filled with pampering and romance.

Upgrade The Wedding Ring

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason. Sweetest Day may be the best time to have your spouse’s wedding ring upgraded because it may be unexpected! Though your original wedding ring is a token of your union, upgrading the ring is just another way to say “I love you” even more.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this occasion, be sure that it’s tailored to the taste of your partner’s desire. Tell us how you’ve celebrated Sweetest Day with your significant other!

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