Venus Williams Creates  Style + Performance With Eleven Clothing Line

Gone are the days of polo shirts and beaded braids. Twenty-two time Grand Slam winner, Champion tennis star, three-location Jama Juice franchise owner, author and business woman, Venus Williams has taken her fashion degree and refined her style into attractive on the court outfits and daily active wear lines. Venus says on her website, “I’ve always felt active wear was limited. On the court, I struggled to find clothing that allowed me to express myself the way I could with the never-ending supply of ready-to-wear options. Add to that a fierce desire to motivate people to move their bodies, and the idea of EleVen was born.”

Seven years ago Venus set out to create what she describes as “something that would represent much more than I could ever achieve on the tennis court: clothing that allows you to express your individuality, cultivate strength and confidence and makes you feel good every time you put it on.”  When asked why EleVen? Venus said “The name EleVen represents how I strive to live every day — that is, without limits. In our world, ‘10’ is just another number, but EleVen is a lifestyle – it’s about challenging your status quo, embracing positive change, and pushing beyond whatever is holding you back from living your ideal life.” Venus is motivation in motion.


Braves Superstars BJ & Justin Upton Take Time Out 

SET EXCLUSIVE:  Single Upton Brothers Talk Fashion, Cars & More

Upton Brothers togteherOn the heels of the Jackie Robinson story shedding light on MLB’s integration, the facts are alarming.  On opening day 2013, only 8.5 percent of all Major League players were African-American. The percentage was 27 percent in 1975 and in 1995, that number declined slightly to 19 percent. In fact, the Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners all had no, and I mean zero, African-American players on their opening day rosters. With the high level of player performance and guaranteed salaries, it’s a wonder.

The Atlanta Braves, however, is the team to watch with Justin Upton leading the league in Home Runs (6), as of April 12, 2013.  BJ Upton is cheering him on daily from the same Atlanta Braves outfield. Both brothers are super stars in their positions and they play on the same team? YES!   This is a Dynamic Duo worth watching. BJ and Justin Upton are amazing Super Stars!

We sat down with them and asked:

SET: BJ, you arrived in the league a couple of years before your brother. What advice did you give him about being a professional?

BJ: Probably to take care of your body. That’s THE biggest part of a professional athlete’s life – your body.

Justin (laughs) He may have used other words, but that is the biggest thing. We play 162 games and you have to be on the field for as many as you can. So, you have to be as healthy as possible.

SET: You guys have totally different styles. Who’s the better dresser?

BJ: Me. For Sure. One hundred percent. ‘Cause I just got style. My style is unbelievable. He’s still stuck in 2000.

Justin: Nah. He weighs a buck-80 so all the [designer] clothes fit him [because he’s thinner]. I gotta wear t-shirts and jeans. That’s fine with me, though, because I’m better looking.

SET: BJ, do you ever try to give him style advice?

BJ: I try, but it don’t help. He don’t never want to.

Justin: Could you see me in that shirt?!

SET: I heard you both like cars. Either of you have a leg up on the other?

Justin: I think we’re even now. I got a big Lexus sedan and he has a Mercedes. I got a Porsche SUV and he has a Mercedes SUV.

BJ: Yeah, he’s right. We’re about even.

Stay tuned for more later this week when I ask about the ladies…..


Happy Birthday, Michael! NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan turns 50!

Clippers star Chris Paul celebrated with Michael at the  Museum of Fine Arts.



Michael also celebrated with his fiance, Yvette Prieto. The two enjoyed a fun evening with their closest friends.



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