The party in Chicago has been going for 3 straight days now. It is a party 108 years in the making. With so much buildup – and a curse to break – there were some amazing stories that emerged after Wednesday’s night’s historic victory. It isn’t fair to pick just one, so here is a collection of the best moments following the Cubs World Series victory.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be this one. The story of how a son drove all day to visit his father’s grave to listen to the game. Why? To keep a promise he made with his dad who passed away in 1980. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Sheffield Wall at Wrigley became a memorial to honor all of those who died before the Cubs beat the curse.

Baseball – tying generations of people together.

After the Cubs won, the tweet, posts, and pictures kept filing in of all of those thinking about their grandparents who have waited their whole lives for this.


Want something a little less “pull on the heartstrings?” How about this guy who put a beer in his fridge 32 years ago and said he wouldn’t open it until the Cubs won the World Series.


The real question is, did he take a sip?!

Lastly, everyone’s favorite musical, Hamilton, has a tour in Chicago. So, naturally they ended their show with “Go Cubs Go!”

Sports are amazing.

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