Grab your tissues and get ready to watch one of the most touching videos of 2016.

In the video, lifelong Penn State fan, Dean Yockey, receives a present from his wife. He opens the box in total disbelief, and his reaction to realizing that his wife had given him tickets to go to the Rose Bowl is priceless.

The video was uploaded by a friend of the family, and has since reached over 750,000 views. It even garnered the attention of Penn State coach who decided to surprise Dean Yockey with a phone call.


So many fans were touched by the video, that they decided to start a GoFundMe Page to help raise money for the family to help cut some costs for the family so they can enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Sometimes the people of the internet can come together in a good way.

2016 has been rough for many, but videos like this remind us how sports can provide us with some much needed support in tough times.

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