Relax. Relate. Release.  In this case, visualize, meditate, manifest.  That’s exactly what athletes across the country have been doing and seeing some amazing results.  Have you ever pictured in your mind what you were going to say or do and it happened?  In actuality you do it everyday.  Thoughts do become things or in this case actions. Coaches, trainers and athletes have honed in on the skill of focusing their minds to produce a desired outcome.

The more mindful you are the more present you become.  Your thoughts and actions become more aligned with what you desire.  So the more you meditate, the more mindful you are and the more abstract physical benefits you begin to see. As thoughts become actions, meditation’s influence on thought subsequently converts into more mindful and effective action. Plainly put, if you increase meditation, the more present you are.  So if you desire to get fit or get something done your actions will follow that desire.

It makes perfect sense for athletes to do the same. Take a look at Lebron meditating during a game in 2012.


Meditation is a practice that since athletes have found they can implement into their conditioning to better prepare them for the game, we can also add this into our routines to help us perform optimally.  For athletes meditation helps to decrease stressors due to physical exertion and the competitive nature of sports.  For us meditation helps us to stay focused on desired results and think only about what we want to happen letting go of what we can’t control or what doesn’t help to propel us forward. True mindfulness.

Take a look at what Kobe says to Oprah about meditation.

Coach Phil Jackson made meditation or mindfulness part of his coaching regimen and his teams won as a result.

Take some time this week and meditate.  Become mindful of your thoughts and what you visualize, you’ll soon see that thoughts can become things.



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