Step it up a notch. Run through it for all you’re worth. Tackle out of nowhere. Bring your opponents down. Keep moving. Become the Incredible Hulk. That’s just about what it means to go Beast Mode.

And the man whose motions put a name to it, the unstoppable-on-the-field newly retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, has expanded his lifestyle brand and clothing line and put it into brick and mortar mode in his hometown of Oakland.

The flagship store has been doing well since its opening in February, and is an exciting new expansion of the seriously fierce, chic and tasteful apparel line.

In a Shopify-sponsored promo video on the Beast Mode Apparel site, the store’s general Manager Mitch Grossbach says, “Marshawn is deeply involved in every aspect of running the business–from the creative and design aspect to selecting what the product will be.”

The Mayor of Oakland was present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and pronounced the day “Beast Mode Day.” She also said she was “hella proud.”

Ludacris was there to support Marshawn, and gave his friend a shout-out, saying, “This is all about expanding your business horizons, and I’m really proud of you, my brother.”

“He’s so overwhelmed,” Marshawn’s mom said at the opening. “This really shows you that dreams can come true.”

The brand has also recently signed an exclusive deal with Amazon. And. Marshawn might put you on the Beast Mode payroll. If you’re hired.

You might want to bring out your inner Beast Mode for that interview, though.

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