Vikings players Linval Joseph, Kyle Rudolph and Danielle Hunter went to Iceland for a Viking Heritage goodwill trip.

According to Linval and Kyle got to see waterfalls, cliffs, glaciers, hot springs and black sand beaches.  We reached out to Vikings Tours to find out what are some of the best things to do or places to explore while in Iceland.

Iceland known for it’s midnight suns and dark winters is located close to the Arctic Circle in Northern Europe. Iceland is a Nordic Island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Traveling to Reykjavík from New York it’s a five hour flight and from London it would take three hours.

Our top 3 places to stay once you get to Iceland are:

  1. Hotel Odinsve – a boutique style hotel centrally located in Reykjavik that offers “personal, friendly and comfortable” services.
  2. Alda Hotel Reykjavik – from spacious rooms to the modern ambiance this hotel is located on the main shopping street, Laugavegur, also in the center of Reykjavik.
  3. Black Pearl – recently opened this luxurious hotel offers apartments and suites with a contemporary flair and located within walking distance to many attractions in Reykjavik.

Check those locations out and let us know what you liked about it when you go.  Viking Trips let us know some great places to go and things to do while in Iceland.  According to Arni of Viking Trips ~

Three spots of the Golden Circle,  Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss, are three of the most popular and interesting locations on the island.

“Þingvellir is an interesting place for many reasons and it’s definitely one of my absolute favorites. This is where the old Viking parliament was founded in the year 930. People from all over Iceland met there and set up camps for a couple of weeks and during this time they made new laws, sentenced people according to law, made business deals, played all sorts of games and more. Another reason this place is cool to visit is that this is where the European and the North American tectonic plates meet and they are actually being pulled apart. You can clearly see the effect of it all around you since there are big cracks in the lava fields and some big canyons the you can walk through. There are also a couple waterfalls there and of course Þingvallavatn, Iceland’s biggest lake. It’s ice cold and really pure since the water which originally comes from the glacier nearby, has been filtered through the lava for centuries.
Geysir is probably the words most famous spouting hot spring and the one that all other geysers are named after.. Even though Geysir “himself” is inactive a the moment, there is a number of other hot springs in the area and Geysir’s “brother” Strokkur spouts about 30 meters in the air every 4-8 minutes.
Last but not least out of these three main locations, there is Gullfoss “The golden waterfall”. Gullfoss is a really powerful and at the same time a beautiful waterfall that you can see from different angles and the waterfall itself even has more than one step. when you get to the platform that is located closest to the water itself (almost in the waterfall) you can feel the spray from the waterfall and you will definitely sense the power of it.
I would also like to recommend some other spots, for example either one of the black sand beaches. In many ways the two most popular black sand beaches Reynisfjara and Djúpalónssandur are similar but they are of course not exactly the same. For athletes it might be interesting and fun to go to Djúpalónssandur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula because there are some very well known stones there that fishermen used to measure their strength and test their manhood in the old days.”
Whether you want to walk on a black sand beach, take a dip in the blue lagoon or check out a water fall, there is plenty to do in Iceland.  Make sure you call Viking Trips to help you with your tours and tell them SET Magazine sent you.

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