Ivory LattaWhen’s she’s not commanding the court or inspiring young children to do and become whatever they dream of, Washington Mystics point guard Ivory Latta can be found enjoying the pleasures of life.

The author of children’s book “Despite The Height”, has one thing on her mind and that’s to inspire. As if her skills on the hardwood didn’t already do so. During the WNBA off season 2 time All-Star Latta splits her time between Atlanta and South Carolina visiting family. I wouldn’t have expected this 5’6 powerhouse to be as down to earth and mellow as she is from what I’ve seen on the court.

Kind hearted, funny and quick on her toes Ivory’s laid back demeanor is reflected in what she likes to do in her spare time. From riding dirt bikes, and 4 wheelers to fishing and or just lounging around, Latta is a lot like me, super chill and funny.

If you were to turn on her television you’d probably catch it tuned into 50cent’s hit series “Power”. Latta doesn’t have much spare time these days but she somehow manages to juggle it all.

When asked what she’s listening to, Ivory took it back to the good ole’ days mentioning that she’s a Fantasia fan and loves upbeat and soulful music. Whether before a game, on the way to the gym or running errands Latta enjoy’s today’s music but soulful melodies are still her chart toppers. Fruit Loops are her favorite breakfast cereal and just like the boss Rick Ross, Ivory loves lemon pepper wings.

Sharing that the Dominican Republic is her favorite place to vacation, and although she was raised in a big family and is the youngest of 7, she doesn’t see herself having more than one child. She did share that she has 10 nieces and nephews between her siblings.

When asked who would be her choice for sexist male/ Female athlete, Latta chose herself for the female athletes. And hey with a beautiful smile like hers can you blame her? Ivory’s choice for sexiest male is Odell Beckham Jr. and I have to say many women would agree with her pick.

Switching gears to a more serious NFL topic, SET asked Latta about the NFL hot topic in regards to taking a knee and if they’ve talked about the issue in the WNBA. Ivory notes that the Washington Mystics haven’t discussed the topic as a team. But she says just like her book ” Despite The Height” regardless of what the odds are against you, you can overcome it.

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